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25 October, 2011

Please read first: Hello everyone.  My name is Jonathan.  I am the current CS manager here at Something Greek, as well as the one who runs our social media.  It comes with great sadness this blog that I am writing to you.  Since I've done my best to be there for all of you, I ask of you now a favor.  I need your help... As you all may know by now, Bruno, the company owner and CEO of Something Greek has been killed!  He has been found in his office, dead, laying helplessly on the floor behind his desk.  No weapon was found, and nothing seemed to be out of place. At least at first... It seems that Bruno must have known his attacker, since there doesn't appear to be any sign of forced entry into his office.  Also, it appears that Bruno had poured his potential victim a drink from his mini bar, as there were two glasses on his desk, both still full. I will do my best to narrate the facts and the events revolving around his death.  In the meanwhile, I need your help putting together whatever clues you might see from my research and help me catch his killer! Well.  In order to get started piecing this all together, might as well give you a little background information on our owner.


Bruno, the company owner of Something Greek, runs a tight ship.  His employees work hard, and get results.  Bruno has dedicated his life to growing the company, starting it out of the back of his car, and turning it into a 3 story building with multiple departments and employees.  His employees love him, but also fear him as he ultimately makes the decision as to how you grow and progress inside the company.  He takes time every week to meet with people, and go over their growth and progress.  These meetings take place in his office, a perfect time to sit and listen to him talk... or perhaps daydream and plot out his final days...

We do have somewhat good news, though.  Out of the 40 people working here, we've pretty much narrowed down who it could have been, based on who was here the night that he was unfortunately killed.  Below is the list of suspects, and a brief synopsis in my own words as to how I feel about them and their possible motives to committing such a crime.  Oh man, I really hope you can help me.  Things just won't be the same around here.


Anyway, 1 thing I can tell you for certain.  I am not the killer.  And another thing I can tell you for certain, one of these 6 following people is.  These blogs will stay up until we catch our killer, so feel free to check back whenever you can.  I hope no one tampers with this in the meanwhile, I believe I'm the only one with access to our account.  Okay, anyway, sorry for rambling, I'm just a little shaken up.  Here are our suspects:

Suspect #1

HermaΠ, COO of Something Greek

Herman is Bruno's right hand man.  He started off kind of rocky, but got his act together and simultaneously runs the company with Bruno.  When he was in college, he was a proud member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  He's a big kid at heart, recently married, looking for a new house.  He's got big plans.  In case you're wondering what else he does at work, he runs the shipping department, which is on the main level, right behind customer service and to the left of our CAD-cut printing room.  He also manages the website, controls the content, and puts up all those great package specials and new products that you guys love!  (sorry, I had to plug at least once.)  He's been loyal and always wants to make the company grow, as well as his own salary that is.  One quick way to get a bigger paycheck? Get rid of the owner and promote himself to the new CEO of Something Greek.  Cha Ching!  He's got an easy in and out too... his office is right next door to Bruno's.

Suspect #2

DaisΨ, Production M.I.T.

Ahh, sweet Daisy.  What a looker!  She's been with the company for about 2 years now, and after almost getting fired, found her niche in Something Greek's production department.  She's the ultimate production worker, being able to get Greek letters for orders at the rate of one garment per minute.  That's your top colors, fluffy animal prints, and border, together and ready to go people.  Talk about efficient!  Anyway, no one comes close to what she can do.  She's also a sister of Tri Delta, and recently graduated college.  She too, has big plans.  Plans so big, she told Bruno once right to his face that she wants to be the CEO of Something Greek.  Funny, seems like Something Greek now has an opening...

Suspect #3

RaymonΔ, Art Director

Ray has been with the company since there was a company to be part of.  He is a laid back guy, guitarist extraordinaire from a band, and now starting his second calling as a graphic artist, and is damn good at that too.  Not to mention the fact that he could probably sell ice to an Eskimo.  Despite his scruffy look, Ray is one slick guy.  Ray is also very loyal to his staff and his peers as well.  He has recently, however, lost some of his staff due to his hands off style of managing, and might be a little bitter.  One quiet, laid back, friendly guy can only take so much before he snaps, right?

Suspect #4

MiMι, Designer

MiMi has a straight forward job at Something Greek... cut, weed, and press tee shirts.  And she was always great with coming up with ideas for custom work and helping customers with whatever they might need. She's been with the company for over 5 years, and was a member of a local sorority.  This might seem like the ideal task to do at work, minus the fact that she'd pick and choose when she'd want to work, leaving the company trying to cover her job constantly.  And to add a cherry on top, she was leaving sooner than expected without a solid replacement.   Sounds like the perfect storm is brewing to Bruno, who as we remember, runs a very tight shift...

Suspect #5

Scarleτ, Recovery Team

Scarlet is a master of trying to be a master of Something Greek.  She is trained in shipping, pressing, CAD, customer service, production, trimming, and more, hence her recovery title that you see under her photo.  She is like a chameleon where she can adapt to her surroundings and be a huge help.  The only problem is, she wants more.  She wants to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with, and has made it known to just about everyone, even our new hires.  "Hi, I'm Scarleτ, I work in CADs but I'm not really given the credit I'm due."  Some introduction, huh?  Maybe with Bruno gone, she can recover the position of CEO...

Suspect #6

DallaΣ, Customer Service M.I.T.

Dallas has been working at Something Greek for about a year and a half now.  Just like Herman, he got off to a rocky start, but now has turned himself around and is making strides in his M.I.T. program.  He's my go to guy in Customer Service.  We know how to have a great time together while working lately.  The reason for his motivation, I believe, comes from the fact that he just recently had his first son, and now he's running at full speed to provide for his family.  A real hard worker in my book.  He's the outspoken one in Customer Service, shooting deadlines and getting results.  The perfect man in Bruno's eyes.  The two of them sit down together and talk about how to make changes, but Dallas might want to make some of his own changes, starting at the top.

Well.  It's late.  I hope these bios give you a little insight as to who the killer might be.  I'm going to do my best day to day at work to gather information and post it to you when I can.  Might be in the morning, might be at night.  Who knows.  Whenever I come across something new I'll let you know.  Check back here, and make sure to get to know these 6 the best way that you can.  You're going to have to pay attention to every little detail I'm afraid otherwise we might not catch our killer.  Good luck!

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