Superbowl? What??

29 January, 2012

If you know me you know how much I DESPISE football. I find watching football tedious and confusing. I mean, I get the overall concept, and I understand what a touchdown is, but all those little rules make my head spin. Literally everyone I know is stoked for the superbowl, but, personally, I couldn't care less. Next Sunday night you'll probably find me either watching Sex and the City in bed, or sleeping.  But since everyone else seems to be football obbsessed, I thought I'd let you know about our Patriots and Giants patterns. They're pretty cool if you're into that kind of stuff. I would recommend a red shirt with a white border for the Giants pattern, and a sport gray shirt with a navy border for the Patriots pattern. Custom Superbowl clothing, fraternity letters, sorority letters Custom Superbowl Clothing, fraternity letters, sorority letters -Michelle
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