We Need Your Input on Our New Designs!

09 July, 2012

Something Greek needs your help! We have some ideas for new, custom printed, no minimums shirt designs, but we want to see what you think before we put them on our website. Tell us which are your favorites. We'd really appreciate the heads up!

Sorority Screenprint Ideas, Recruitment Shirts

The "Out of Your League" shirt is perfect for Greek Week.

Sorority Bid Day Shirts, Sorority Recruitment Shirts, Screenprint No Minimums

The "Je T'Aime" shirt is perfect for going to class.

Sorority Recruitment Shirts, Recruitment Screenprint Ideas, Screenprint No Minimums

The "Breakin' Hearts" design is my favorite. I would get it for me and all of my pledge sisters!

Sorority Screenprint Shirts No Minimums, Sorority ApparelThe "Rough Heart" Design is cute and simple.

Fraternity Rush Shirts, Fraternity Recruitment Shirts

We really need your help for the "One Up " design. We have one idea but  four variations. Which is your favorite?

Fraternity Recruitment Screenprint Design, Fraternity No-Minimum Screenprint Design

"The Incredible Hulk" would make a positive statement for any fraternity event.

Fraternity Recruitment Shirt, Mixer Ideas, Greek Mixers

The "GTL" design is perfect for a Jersey Shore themed mixer.

Sorority Printed Shirt Design, Sorority Recruiment Shirts

The "Brick Heart" design is great for everyday wear.

Fraternity Screenprint Shirt, Sorority Screenprint Shirt

The "Angry Birds" design might just intimidate your Greek Week opponent.

We would love to know which of these designs you'd be interested in wearing and which ones you would shy away from. Leave us a comment here on WordPress or on our Facebook page!

-Michelle Giuseffi



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