The Most Crafty Formal Coolers Around

25 April, 2013

Here in New York where Something Greek is located, the formal cooler tradition does not seem to have caught on. However, thanks to Pinterest, we have seen how awesome your cooler designs are! Check out some of the amazing formal coolers we have found!

Texas, Greek, College, Formal, Sorority, FraternityNot from Texas? This would also be awesome if you replaced the word "Texas" with your Greek organization!

Country Music, Wagon Wheel, Fraternity, Sorority, GreekIt's your favorite song; why not make it into a craft?

Lilly Pulitzer, Greek, Sorority, Fraternity, Formal, CraftingIn loving memory of Lily Pulitzer.

Tiffany's Cooler, Sorority, Fraternity, Greek, Formal, CraftsMaybe not for formal, but definitely for your little!

Formal, Fraternity, Sorority, GreekFor only the classiest of formals...

Formal, Greek, Sorority, Fraternity, CraftsTies and Pearls are requited.

Sorority, Fraternity, Greek, Formal, Formal CoolerShow your school spirit, political party spirit, and Greek spirit!

Greek Unity, Greek Community, Sorority, FraternityA very cute play on words, and it unites both of your organizations!

Greek, Sorority, Fraternity, Cooler, Formal, CraftsFor the truest of fraternity gentlemen.

Freedom, America, Greek, Fraternity, Sorority, Formal,CraftsThis may just be the greatest pick up line ever created.

Want to make one of these great saying into a shirt? Give us a call at 1-800-247-3352! We hope you all have a fantastic formal season.

Sorority Formal, Fraternity Formal, Greek Formal-Michelle Giuseffi

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