Top Five Reasons Our $15 T-Shirt is the Greatest

11 June, 2014

So you just got your first summer job paycheck, and you want to buy yourself a little reward. Or maybe you're so bummed about missing your brothers or sisters this summer that you need a little pick-me-up. Something Greek's $15 t-shirt sale is back, and it's the perfect mood boosting purchase. Here's why: Greek $15 Sewn-On Twill Letter Shirt 1) No guilt. I can't think of anything else under $20 that could make you smile like a fresh set of letters. Maybe fro yo... It's kind of impossible to frown while eating fro yo. 2) Add all of the glitter you want. The only part you can't add glitter to is the actual garment (though I'm sure you're an expert glitter-er, so I'm sure you could). I'm not sure we'd recommend it, but you can even get a glitter letter and a glitter border for no extra charge! 3) There are over 60 shirt colors to choose from. Why get basic black when you could get Safety Pink, Galapagos Blue, or Tangerine? 4) You can be unique. As we mentioned before, there are 60 shirt colors. There are also hundreds of patterns and over 30 border colors. I'm not doing the math (excuse the English major in me) but the possibilities are basically endless. 5) You can get the perfect American flag letters. This one doesn't even require an explanation. Just check out the picture below. American Flag Letters, Delta Delta Delta American Flag Letters   How will you design your $15 t-shirt? We'd love to see it, so be sure to Instagram a picture of your purchase and tag it with @somethinggreek! But don't wait; this sale is over 6/22. -Michelle Giuseffi
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