Greek Paddle Package - Large Heart Plaque


Greek Paddle Package - Large Heart Plaque Greek Paddle Package - Large Heart Plaque

Greek Paddle Package - Large Heart Plaque

Something Greek

$ 60.00 

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A great Package to save you TIME and MONEY. This 21 inch Solid Oak Special Series Plaque comes with all the parts you need to design a great gift. Included are the following:1- Select Your Organization's Greek Letters from the Drop Down Menu 2- Choose Big Sis or Lil Sis attached wooden letters 3- Enter text for unfinished wooden letters for name 4- Choose up to 3 unfinished wooden symbols from Drop Down Menu. Plaques are unassembled, allowing you to design & assemble as you like. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. All orders include a bottle of our clear-drying wood glue. All parts are prefinished -- no further finishing is required. WE will choose the sizes of lettering so names fit attractively - the plaque pictured is just for example purposes - you may not get the size/style letters pictured. Rush service is available for 20% of the total price.
WARNING - FOR DECORATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. Any use of this item that causes harm to others is in violation of Greek organization policies and may be in violation of state and federal anti-hazing laws resulting in fines and or imprisonment.
Style #: 415-Oak

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