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7 Things To Get Your Little For Big/Little Week!

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Written by: Alex

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Here is a list of the top 20 things you should get your little for big/little week!

  1.  Sorority Stickers so she can cover her laptop, dorm and maybe even her car if your campus allows. Click Here
  2. A badge box so once she is initiated she can keep her brand new badge all clean and safe.  Click Here
  3. A tumbler for your organization or one that says lil sis, and while you're at it, you might as well get one for yourself so you both can match! What sorority girl doesn't love a brand new tumbler?????  Click Here
  4. Her first stitched letter shirt and of course it be a comfort color t shirt or tank! Click Here  
  5. And to go along with that brand new comfort color t, a sorority hat to match! Click Here
  6. A cute picture frame to put all your big/lil & fam photos. Click Here
  7. Her first lavalier! ( You might want to save this for a initiation gift! ) Click Here 
  8. And finally, get her all her favorite food and candy treats! 
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