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Custom Wooden Greek Letters

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Custom Fraternity and Sorority Wooden Greek Letters for Wooden Pledge Paddles

Looking for some variety to personalize your greek paddles with? Check out our wide selection of wooden greek letters that comes in finished and unfinished wood. We recommend getting unfinished greek wooden letters for paddles if you're looking to DIY your own paddle. Many of our fraternity brothers and sorority sisters get the finished wooden letters for paddles when they're in a rush since all you have to do is just glue them on your paddle. Also, don't forget to grab some Greek Paddle Wood Glue to ensure that your greek wooden letters will stick on.

What types of wooden greek letters does Something Greek offer?

We offer different types of greek wooden letters such as finished or unfinished, and even different styles like raised, connected and engraved. Also, there are wooden crests and symbols you can choose from to personalize your greek paddle.

If you're looking for some home-decor to spruce up your dorm room, we recommend getting the 6-inch Wooden Greek Letters and turning them into an arts and craft project. These wooden greek letters are laser-cut and are guaranteed to last a long time, even after you graduate.