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Congrats, you are initiated! What next?

22 March, 2022

You just went through your chapter's new member process, filled with traditions that go back decades of your chapter's history. After a time-consuming period of time, you are in! Your big presented you your first pair of letters, and you come back to reality. The first question you ask yourself once you are in is, what now? 

Greek Paddle Tips and Tricks

24 February, 2022

One of the bigger trends within Greek life circles around the world are the exchange process of paddles. Whether they are made for big/little paddle exchange or pledge class paddles, they hold a very long and lasting tradition within some Greek life organizations. The goal is to create the best looking paddle that best suits your particular event within your organization. Here are some tips and tricks to help you create the best paddle possible!

How to Shop for Your Big/Little

18 February, 2022

Big/Little is one the most important events of the semester for Greek Life organizations. For the little, it is one of the first signs of being close to the finish line. Being embraced by their big brother/sister for the first time, the check point in the journey much more worth it. As for the big, it is a very remarkable step in their time being in Greek life during college. Adding onto their family legacy, and welcoming a little part of them a bit more closer into the organization completely. Figuring out what to buy for big/little is a task that takes a bunch of thought. Needing to know what designs or garments or accessories to get to match with your little and/or family line.

Unique Bid Day Theme Ideas!

04 February, 2022

One thing for certain that excites members during bid day is the unique themes that come along with it. Coming up with themes for bid day can be a daunting task for whoever is in charge of it, which is typically an executive board member or head of recruitment. You need to make sure that the theme is unique and helps you and your organization stand out. You need to make sure everything is spot on, from deciding what apparel to get such as short-sleeves, long-sleeves, hoodies, crewnecks, polostanks, hats, accessories; to making sure the theme is up to current trend standards. Here are some potential ideas for themes to consider this upcoming recruitment season!

Important Questions to ask PNMs

27 January, 2022

For most, spring semester is in full effect. And for most organization's, it is probably one of the more important times of the year, Spring Rush. For many organization's, spring rush is the most critical time the year. Since essentially the future of their organization is on the line, since most freshmen tend to rush in the spring. It is so important to make a great impression on potential new members, aka PNMs. Even though they are looking to sell themselves on you, you also need to sell your organization to them, more so for the PNMs who are keeping their options open during spring recruitment. Here are some good and important questions to ask PNMs. 

What Kind of Apparel to get for Spring Recruitment This Year.

23 January, 2022

Do you have a specific idea in mind that you would want to center your organization's spring recruitment shirts and apparel around? Let us help you! Here at Something Greek, we take pride in what we do, especially when it comes to making group orders for recruitment season! It may be a stressful for some, but remember that it doesn't hurt to just keep it simple. 

A Few Tips To Consider This Upcoming Spring Recruitment Season.

14 January, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a long and effective affect on the normal lives we were once use to. Having to adjust to this new way of life has been a daunting task for everyone, especially Greek life. With many schools either enforcing very strong restrictions, or just removing Greek life from campus in general, The normal way of life we have once known from Greek life is much different. With the recent spike of COVID-19 cases soaring throughout the country this current winter, some schools are requiring, once agin, a virtual spring recruitment season. While this is certainly out of the ordinary for basically everyone involved with Greek life, it is a reality we must live with and respect. Here are a some tips to consider in the event where spring recruitment is virtual for your organization thus year.

A Few Tips for Freshmen before spring recruitment.

05 January, 2022

For a lot of schools, spring recruitment is the more emphasized recruitment in Greek Life. Not to say that fall recruitment is not as emphasized, but spring recruitment is more focused on because, for a lot of schools, this is the first time freshmen are actually allowed to rush. Freshmen have been waiting for a whole semester, getting teased everyday by upper class-men they see in class or walking around campus in their letters, whether it be hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks, jackets, pants, hats, and much more. Now, they get that opportunity go out there and find out which organization is the best place for them to call home the rest of their college careers, and the rest of their lives! Fraternities and Sororities handle spring recruitment a bit different. If you are a freshmen still pondering the idea of joining Greek Life, I hope this article is just for you!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

20 December, 2021

Secret Santa is a very common holiday game played within Greek Life organizations every year. It is a good way to show appreciation, and get to know some of the individuals within your organization that you don't particularly know compared to others. Whether you get them a gag gift, or a meaningful gift like a pair of letters, it all comes from the heart. Here at Something Greek, we want to make sure the secret Santa gift you give out this year means the absolute world to the receiver. Here are some of our suggestions of gift suggestions for your organization's secret Santa this year. 

A Few Ways to Engage with Chapter Alumnae

03 December, 2021

In most organizations, they're typically is a position where a member is in charge of alumni related responsibilities. Although these alumni are no longer active members of the chapter, they are still brothers/sisters for life. Keeping them in the loop of things is very important towards keeping your chapter image high, and keeping the connections between current and past members strong. Here are some ways to engage with the alumni of your chapter. 
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