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Sorority Sisters’ Big/Little Week

08 March, 2017

One of the most exciting moments throughout the entire pledging process in sorority life (also often referred to as Greek Sorority) is when your Big reveals herself to you. This moment does not usually happen until the end of something called Big/Little Week



  • For the Little, it is a week full of pleasant surprises; every single Big in the pledge tries her best to spoil her Little with presents, gifts, or whatever you want to call it. Pledge classes have their own ways to prepare for the reveal day; some throw parties, others organize field challenges, etc. For the Little (potential new member of pledge class), there isn’t anything much to do, but the same thing cannot be said about the Big.


  • Believe it or not, Big uses her own resources to give presents to her Little sister. Although both do not yet know each other well, it is common for Big to splurge and spoil her Little in the best way she can manage. She uses her own resources to please her Little until the end of the week.


Throughout the process, the Little is not aware of the person who gives the presents. Many of the presents may not be overly expensive indeed, but a Big can easily overspend. Regardless of how much money spent, Big/Little Week is not meant to be a competition. No one gives a trophy to those who spend the most money during the week. The main point is that Big wants her little to understand that she is a caring person who will guide her through every single activity in the pledge class.




Let us put it this way: consider a pledge class an organization. Potential members need guidance on every single aspect of this particular group including but not limited to sorority traditions, missions, values, existing members, code of conducts, and rules. Big is an existing member assigned to act as a personal guide for a Little; Big wants Little to feel welcomed. When the time comes, a Little will also become a Big, and that is why a complete understanding of how the organization works is required.


Over time, it is expected that Big and Little will grow to become close friends. Some pledge classes end up living together in a dedicated house, so it is crucial to create and maintain close relationships within the group. The journey starts with Big/Little week when all are total strangers to each other.



As irrelevant as it may sound, the choices of gifts play important factors in the relationships. It is not about how expensive the gifts are, but how well they create good first impressions. Just like most gift-giving traditions, the right presents are not the most expensive stuff available, but the memorable ones.


Greek merchandise comes in many different forms for example Greek clothing, stationery, stickers, accessories, dorm decorations, and more. Choices are plenty, but it does not mean that it is easy to get the right gifts and convey the right welcoming message with them. A Big cannot simply pick random Greek gear and somehow hope that the Little perceives the right impression at the same time. Sorority gifts must be carefully chosen and wrapped with good presentation to convey proper messages, and this is where Something Greek comes in.


Something Greek provides a wide variety of Greek merchandise such as sorority clothing including custom Greek shirts, lucky Greek charms, Greek apparel, and basically any form of Greek gifts you can think of. The company has been in the business for more than 25 years now, helping both fraternity and sorority families all across North America.


Referring back to the discussion about memorable gift choices above, it is safe to say that the best presents are meant to be personal for example Greek accessories or decorations for the dorm room or Greek clothing. In many ways, clothing makes perfect sense because it is something that both Big and Little wear to express how close they are. Big and Little should create a good team, and the easiest way to deliver that message is uniform. A team uniform does not have to be something that looks formal; a pair of custom Greek t-shirts with embroidered names or logos should do the job well. You can also pick jackets, hoodies, cardigans, and fashion accessories such as hats or headbands. Something Greek offers almost all that you ever need for Big/Little Week activities starting from the gift-giving process to the reveal day.


Distinguishable Gift


A gift has to be personal, unique, and memorable. It can be difficult to find something that poses all three characteristics without spending too much money. Something Greek has the right idea by providing a feature for Big to upload a custom design to be used as a logo for Greek apparel such as t-shirt, hats, cardigans, and what have you. It is also possible to customize the available logos from the store with your own fonts, colors, placements, and names to be printed. A piece of clothing is always a personal item, no matter how simple it looks; the best thing is that Big and Little can wear the same shirts embroidered with identical logos for the reveal day as well.


Big/Little Week is a start of a potential long-term friendship or even sisterhood not only throughout school/college life but also beyond that. It is at the same time a weird, challenging, surprising, and pleasant experience to meet a total stranger and develop a close relationship afterwards. Sororities have been in existence for centuries and they are here to stay for many good reasons. Enjoy the pledging activities and commit to every event ahead of you to get the best experience that you will be happy to share with others in the future.

Sorority Rush Advice

13 August, 2016

We know we've given you tons of advice for how to make your recruitment run smoothly. If that's what you're looking for be sure to check out last year's Something Greek Recruitment Series blogs such as How to Change the Subject and How to Answer Tough Questions. But today we've decided to tell you what NOT to do this Greek recruitment season.

1. Don't get dehydrated. You don't want your mouth to get dry while you're talking to potential new members. Keep a water bottle with you. Might we suggest this reusable one from Something Greek?

2. Don't wear brand new shoes. It's tempting to go out and buy some awesome new black heels for recruitment. Just be sure to break them in first! Otherwise, you'll have blisters by the end of the first hour-- not ideal.

3. Don't make definite plans for immediately after selections. Sometimes selections go quick: other times they take hours. It's never easy to predict how much time they'll take.

4. Don't make a decision about a PNM until you've heard all of your sisters' thoughts. It used to drive me crazy when girls would write down their selection vote before hearing the discussion.

5. Don't succumb to the easy junk food. When you're tired and stressed, the first thing you want is fatty foods, but try to still eat healthily during recruitment. You'll feel better and your skinny jeans will thank you too.

6. Don't keep your opinions, thoughts, and observations to yourself. See something weird happening among PNMs, speak up!

7. Don't let your school work slack. Of course recruitment is important, but it's the beginning of a new semester, and it's too early to fall behind.

8. Don't drop your recruitment game. Is there a cool girl in one of your classes who you could totally see in your sorority? Invite her to an event! She might not come, but she might and she might just end up being an awesome sister.

9. Don't stay up all night. Recruitment is tiring (but totally worth it!) so make sure you're getting enough rest to be on your a-game.

10. Don't stress. Yes, recruitment gets crazy, but you end up with lots of new sisters and even some new inter-Greek friends. Enjoy it! What advice do you give to your younger members about recruitment? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

Important Questions to Ask PNMs

08 August, 2016

It is almost recruitment season and you know what that means! Long talks to PNMs trying to not make it awkward.

You've got the "what's your major?," "where are you from?," and "which dorm are you in?" questions down, but those just skim the surface. How are you supposed to know if these girls will find their home with your sorority if you know next to nothing about them? Something Greek has compiled a list of the best questions to ask potential new members to learn the most important things about them.

1. What did you do in high school? You want to know if she was a slacker, captain of the volleyball team, or class president right? How involved someone was in high school is usually a good indication of how involved they'll be in your chapter.

2. Have you done any  philanthropic work? This may come out after asking question number one, but us Greeks are all about helping others. Wouldn't it be good to know a potential new member's experiences with charity work?

3. How do you like [the name of your school] so far? I know a ton of people who hated their school then pledged and loved it. Personally, I loved my school, pledged, and loved it even more. The important part of this question is a follow up "why?" If the reason a PNM is hating school is that it doesn't offer their major, you might want to move on. If their reason is geared more towards not knowing a lot of people, well you can obviously change that.

4. Why did you decide to come out for recruitment? Okay, so a PNM who is only interested in partying can totally lie here, but at least you'll know she can think in her feet. But in all seriousness, you want to know why they are there right?

5. What did you do this summer? This is a little less awkward than the generic "so what are your hobbies?" question, but chances are you'll learn exactly what this rush does in her spare time.

6. Are you looking into any other clubs or other extra-curricular organizations? It's always good to have a well rounded sorority. Maybe you'll find your next Greek Week star or the next expert banner painter!

7. Do you have any questions? This is the most important question in a job interview, and in recruitment. Just be prepared that some PNMs might ask ridiculous things like "do you really have to kill a dog to get in?" Um, no.

What's you go to recruitment question? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!


It's Almost Recruitment Season!

03 August, 2016

Attention Greek Life! It is almost that time of the year again. Recruitment is a fun experience, but you have to look good while having fun.

Here at Something Greek, we can make tons of designs for t-shirts to wear throughout the week. We do make designs for both fraternities and sororities. I will show you some of my favorites.

All Star Rush Shirt

Finest Collection

Swoosh Shirt

Flag Rush Shirts


Scream Rush Shirt

Skeletons Raising Flag Rush Shirt

All designs can be changed for your organization. Shirts can be printed with any color ink and on any color shirt. We will assume a white shirt and colors provided in artwork, unless you state differently. Price includes 2 color back or front, all screens and art time. Rush service is available. Minimum order is 24 pieces. For less then minimum pricing, please call us at 1800-247-3352.

Also please make sure to change the quantity box to the number of shirts that you are ordering so that your price is correct. In the comments section- please make any changes you need- ie. name, color of shirt or ink etc. Group discounts! Please call to add a design to the other side of the shirt.

-Kalee Naraine

New Greek Merchandise for your Organization!

30 July, 2016

If you have not seen it already on the home page, Something Greek just came out with some new products that we all love! These products came out with perfect timing with recruitment season coming up very soon. I am so excited!

First we have the Sorority Wooden Plaque. I like this for a dorm room/bedroom and its perfect to give to your little as a reveal gift, or after they are initiated!

Sorority Wooden Plaque - Live It, Love It - a1007

Next, we just got brand new Sorority Drawstring Backpacks. These are great when you need to walk across campus with your notebooks and laptop. 

Sorority Drawstring Backpack - a1009

We also have these gorgeous Comfort Colors Printed T-Shirt. This one is personally my favorite out of the new products. Comfort Colors are Super Soft and available in lots of Colors! This t-shirt comes with the printed design shown across the chest. Your Sorority will be written out on the top line and then the date you enter will be put on the Est. line below it. I will definitely be purchasing this shirt soon.

Sorority Established Comfort Colors Printed T-Shirt - C1717 - CAD

Last but not least we have the Sorority and Fraternity Pigment Dyed Embroidered Hat. While wearing this hat, you will be able to represent your letters and the school you go to! 

Sorority Pigment-Dyed Embroidered Hat - Adams AD969 - EMB      Fraternity Pigment-Dyed Embroidered Hat - Adams AD969 - EMB






Like what you see? Give us a call at 1800-247-3352 and we can have these ready for you!

-Kalee Naraine

What to do when you miss your Big/Little over Summer Vacation

07 July, 2016

Now that is is Summer vacation, there's no classes, homework, papers to write or many responsibilities. One hard thing is being away from your brothers/sisters, but what is even worse is being away from your big or little! I do not have a little but I find myself missing my big and twin more than ever this summer! 

There are a bunch of things you can do to show your family tree that you miss them or that you're thinking about them. Here are a few:

1. Text them! There's nothing better than getting a text from your big saying they miss you. It is a really special feeling knowing someone will always be there for you. 

2. Send them a care package. Who doesn't love gifts! On the Something Greek website, you can find many things to send to your big/little! You can send them a new set of letters using our $15 sale, which ends at the end of July, a custom teddy bear with shirts that say "Big <3 Little, or vice versa, or these perfect paddle key chains, engraved with "Big Sis" or "Little Sis".

3. Visit them! If they live close enough, make plans and hang out for the day! It is always fun to hang out with sisters outside of school, but it's better with a big/little duo!

4. Have a Skype movie night. Nowadays on Skype, you can do something called share screen. If you have Netflix running a movie and you are on a Skype call, you can share the screen you are watching with the person you are on video chat with, and BOOM! Movie night with big without spending the money at the theater. 

Here is what you can do when you miss your big/little. Need to order new sets of letters? Call us at 1800-247-3352 or go online to our website and order them! 

-Kalee Naraine


Perfect Products for the Fourth of July!

30 June, 2016

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. 

So for such an important in American history, most people like to wear the flag colors, Red, White and Blue to go to the beach, the park, or have a BBQ in their backyards. So, why not rep your respective letters at the same time? Here are the perfect products for the holiday to show your pride for your organization and our great country at the same time.

Here are the Greek Stars and Stripes Flip Flops. These are perfect to go to the beach in and walk the boardwalk, and is a perfect touch for your outfit. 

Greek Stars and Stripes Flip-Flops - SALE SBL100

Next is the Stars and Stripes Fraternity Crewneck Sweatshirt. I know it is usually very hot during this time of the year, but I think this is great for late at night by the beach, where it can sometimes be chilly.

Stars & Stripes Fraternity Crewneck Sweatshirt - SALE Gildan 18000 - TWILL

Here we have the Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top. This is perfect for the hot weather and the beach. 

Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top - SALE American Apparel PL408 - SUB

Next on the list is the Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn on Letters. I think this is so cute to show your pride for the country and your organization. 

Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn-On Letters - Code V 3976 - TWILL

Last but not least, is the Greek Patriotic Package Deal. For just $26.99, you can have a pair of flip flops, a patriotic koozie to hold your drink and a patriotic key chain!

Greek Patriotic Package Deal - SBL100 - SUB

Wearing something patriotic with your letters on it this FOJ? Tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

-Kalee Naraine 


19 Thoughts of a Sorority Girl during the Summer

29 June, 2016



3. "I am just gonna chill and watch Netflix all day all night."

4. "I miss my sisters."

5. "Let me just check the GroupMe chat to see what they're up to."

6. *sees picture of them throwing what they know with a beautiful scenery on vacation* "AWW how cuteeeee!" *likes message* 

7. "I wish I could be on vacation right now."

8. "I am having withdrawals from my big."

9. "Should I wear my letters to the beach?"

10. "Should I buy stars and stripes letters from Something Greek for the Fourth of July?"

11. "Ohemgeee my Grandbig just snapped me from her home in California! So jeal."

12. "Speaking of grandbig, I should really put the crafts she made me on my wall."


14. "I definitely need more craft supplies."

15. "Should I take a little next year?"


17. "Is it August yet?"

18. *texts little* "LITTTTLEEEEEE!"

19. "Mom, can I have some money for gas? I'm going to visit my little."

Famous Frat Boys!

23 June, 2016

Welcome back to a new edition of Famous Greeks! Today I will be showing you 10 famous people who were total frat boys while in college.

Bob Barker, American former television game host, is a brother of Sigma Nu at Drury University.

NFL superstar quarterback, Eli Manning, is also a brother of Sigma Nu at University of Mississippi, where he also played football. 

Eli Manning

Who knows Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke? Well his father, Alan Thicke, is a brother of Delta Upsilon at University of Western Ontario.

Alan Thicke

"Jer-ry!, Jer-ry!" Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, host of The Jerry Springer Show, is a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi. 

Jerry Springer

David Letterman hosted 6,028 episodes of Late Night and Late Show, but also is a brother of Sigma Chi.

David Letterman

Known as Ross on the hit TV show Friends, Dave Schwimmer is a brother of Delta Tau Delta.

David Schwimmer

Hottie actor from Supernatural, Matthew Fox, is a brother of Phi Gamma Delta.

Matthew Fox

I bet you did not know that the "Bran" of Brangelina, Brad Pitt, is a brother of Sigma Chi!

Brad Pitt

Corey loved Topanga on Boy Meets World, but I'm sure Ben Savage loved his brothers of Sigma Chi also!

Ben Savage

The hilarious actor, Adam Sandler, is a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi at NYU!

Adam Sandler

These were the famous frat boys! See you next time with another edition of Famous Greeks!

-Kalee Naraine


Something Greek's New Letter Generator!

20 June, 2016

Who remembers the old letter generator, where you had to write down every pattern, garment, and border you wanted, then had to go to a separate page to order them? I do, and I am so thankful that my team here at Something Greek came up with the idea of a new and improved letter design builder!

On the product itself when you are shopping on the Something Greek website, it gives you an option to choose your organization’s letters, pick a border, pattern, and garment color, in order to see exactly what you are going to buy before you place your order. Also, when you are picking the patterns, borders and garment, the generator automatically fills in the boxes below, so all you would have to complete your order is to choose your size and add to cart.

This is a more efficient option, rather than going back and forth between screens like it used to be. So if you are looking for some brand new Greek gear for your little or even yourself, you will love this option, just as much as I do!

Let me show you exactly how it works and a few of my favorite combinations!

When you choose a product, this is what you should see:

To change the letters, all you have to do is press the change button located below the actual letter and scroll until you find them.

This is what it will look like once changed:

Now I am going to change the border, pattern and garment:

Like I mentioned before, the boxes below get filled in automatically, so you don’t have to go frantically scrolling for the right pattern and colors. You would just have to choose your size!

Here are a couple more of my favorite combinations! :




Garment Color: Light Pink
Pattern: H604
Border Color: Glitter Gold


Garment Color: Cardinal Red
Letter Color: Glitter Silver
Border Color: Black


If your organization only has two letters, such as let’s say the fraternity, Kappa Sigma, that can work also, all you would have to do is choose the “NONE” box when you press change.

Here’s what it would look like with a combination of pattern, border and garment:


There you have it, ladies and gentleman. Come in store to show us your favorite combinations or head over to to place your order. There is a sale going on right now for $15 tee shirts, with free borders and patterns! Go get those letters!

-Kalee Naraine

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