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Custom Greek Graduation Stoles

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Custom greek life graduation stoles

Congratulations, you've finally made it to senior year -- which means it's your final year with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers. Our greek graduation stoles are the perfect way to represent your group as we offer many different options such as having your organization's crest or your custom symbol. In a rush? Check out our 24-hour greek stole which is guaranteed to ship out the next business day.

Shop greek graduation stoles for your whole chapter

Get the best savings when you order as a group since we offer quantity discounts over 6 pieces. When ordering as a chapter, your group can personalize their own custom sorority stoles by getting their name embroidered. If you choose a greek stole with twill letters, you have the option to choose from the wide array of patterns and colors that you see on our best-selling greek apparel. With an embroidered greek stole, there are a few fonts you can choose from such as old english and script. As with both options, you are free to customize the color and text.

Which is the best custom greek graduation stole to get?

Many of our brothers choose the custom fraternity stoles with their organization's crest. The crests can be embroidered, or printed, and are guaranteed to last a long time. Many of sisters choose the custom sorority stoles with a multi-color ribbon and their sorority name embroidered on the other side of their letters. With any choice you make, we're sure that you'll be happy with the result!

For those looking for the cheapest option, we recommend the custom printed greek graduation stole as it uses the same high-quality greek stoles that we use with the rest of our products. For the best savings, we recommend ordering with a group due to quantity discounts.