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Psi Upsilon Fraternity Gifts and Greek Apparel

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Psi Upsilon Fraternity clothing and Custom Greek merchandise

At Union College in 1833, Psi Upsilon fraternity was founded. There are currently around 49 active chapters. “Unto us has befallen a mighty friendship,” the PSI Upsilon fraternity motto, has since carried some of their alumni to great places including Chester A. Arthur (US President), William Howard Taft (US President), and Nelson Rockefeller (US Vice President). Screen-printed and twill applique embroidered Psi Upsilon fraternity gifts and Greek apparel can help you display the might of your brotherhood. Find all kinds of Psi Upsilon merchandise, gifts and accessories at Something Greek, your online Greek apparel store for Psi Upsilon hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tank tops, t shirts and a whole lot more!

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