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Limited Edition Beaded Bracelets!

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Written by: Alex

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Hey everyone! We introduced these a short while ago, but now we have just about every group available!  And they are very limited, only 2 per group available at the moment. First come, first served. Be unique with these bracelets, stand out from the crowd. Be the only one in your sorority to have one, and one of two in the entire NATION to have one! Since they are so limited, they will be available for purchase over the phone only. We will not advertise on our website. Call 1-800-247-3352 for more info! You can check out these bracelets here!

Limited Edition Tan Bracelet Limited Edition Maroon Braceletzeta tau alpha sorority beaded bracelet limited edition wood mascot greek

Sorority Triple Wrap Bracelet - Alexandra Co. a1084

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