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Hey everyone!  Getting ready for the Spring semester and need some gear?  We know tht there are plenty of options as far as getting yourself some sweet merchandise to represent your organization for 2011.  These are just a few reasons how you can be a smart shopper and save money with

24 Hour Shirt Production: Something Greek offers a 24 hour tee shirt that will ship out same day if placed before 12pm EST, or next day if placed afterwards.  Shirt includes customization of letters / borders.  With a pattern and a border, you are looking at about $32.95.  Some of our competitors are offering the same next day production and tee shirt for a base price of $50.90.  Same shirt, same production time.

Sorority / Fraternity Lavaliere:  A standard silver lavaliere with a chain from Something Greek will run you about $35.00, while other sites will run you $46.50 for the same thing.  Our rush service on the item is 15%, in this case $5.25.  Other sites are charging as much as $26 extra for the same rush service. 

Send in your own fabric:  Interested in going one step further in customizing your own garment?  Well now with Something Greek you can send in your own fabric and we will turn it into letters!  The best part is, it's at no extra cost to you.  Some sites out there are charging you and additional $5.00 on top of you supplying your own fabric.  So basically you do the work for them, and they charge you.  Doesn't make sense to us...     And don't forget when checking out to enter jan11 for instant savings on your order for the month of January!  Happy New Year from!

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