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findings for day 1...

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Written by: Alex

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Hey everyone,  thanks so much for looking into these people for me and giving me your feedback on our first day survey!  42% of you are leading towards Raymond as our top suspect, so I'll give you a little bit more info and see if your decision still holds... Upon removing the body from the office today, we noticed that there was no blood.  Anywhere.  It seems like it has something to do with a drink that he might have had.  Our company owner had fine taste and a fine selection in his office, and for all we know he was kicking back with our suspect enjoying a good conversation and keeping his whistle wet.  Here's a snapshot of his collection if you want to call it that.

Seems like a bottle is missing?  I would say that he was poisoned is our best bet, but by what?  And more importantly, by who? Okay, so to recap the day, I have some new information on MiMi.  She left.  Called out of work, and decided to move.  Oh, by the way, did you know you can find out something about our suspects by clicking on their photo?  I think I forgot to mention that. Dallas actually approached me today and pointed out that some things were missing around her area, and now she's gone.  Wish I could talk to her but it's just a matter of getting a hold of her on her cell phone at this point.  See, MiMi's husband lives out of state, and she was leaving to go be with him.  They're actually starting a family together too.  I feel like everyone is having kids around me except for myself. Herman also found what seems to be some kind of cap in Scarlet's bag, but we don't know to what right now.  It's definitely not a cap to a beverage bottle, looks like one of those child lock ones.  It was also rather hard to get everything straightened out.  Having to keep business moving as Bruno wanted to is tough with everyone pledging and bidding at this time of year.  The phones are ringing off the hook and it's hard to get anything else done. Scarlet, our recovery person, has taken over MiMi's spot. I'm trying to think of items around the job that could have potentially done the trick to take out our owner and who has access to them.  Here's the "weapons" list if you will, if you can think of anything else I'll have another post up tomorrow.

Good Ol' bleach.  Not much to say about it, except we clean our floors and everyone under the sun knows it'll burn a hole right through your esophagus if ingested.  Who has access to it?  Just about everyone.  We clean our floors so we have bleach.  Raymond's room is right next to the janitor closet, as well as MiMi and I guess now Scarlet being close as well.  I mean, if you see someone walking the halls with bleach it's not like it's going to throw a red flag.

Methylene Chloride Solvent
I don't know what makes up this stuff, but it smells potent.  It's used around our shop to remove letters and glue from clothing.  To narrow it down, basically everyone in Something Greek has access to it.

Seems like a pill that our COO takes, that when too much is ingested, can cause the blood to thin.  It's also an active ingredient in rat poison.  That explains a lot about Herman actually now that I think about it.

Tomorrow I'm going to do a little bit more in depth investigation into Scarlet and try and get in touch with MiMi.  I also have to find out what Daisy and Raymond are up too.  They've been kind of quiet through all of this.  Goodnight.  I'll make sure to write tomorrow.

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