Recruitment Conversation Starters

Last week, Something Greek gave you ideas for recruitment themes, decorations, and shirts. This week we're going a little deeper. Soon you're going to be face to face with rushes. Some you'll like, and conversation will flow, but for others you're going to have to work harder. When it comes to rushing (or creepily hitting on girls as I like to call it) you might want to have some go-to conversation starters. So if you don't get a conversation going from the usual what's your major?, where do you live?, how do you like (insert your school here)?, here are some tips:

"What did you do last weekend?" or "What are you doing tonight?"

Why it works: First of all, you'll get to know what this PNM is about. You'll get to know who she is, what she likes to do, and who she hangs out with. If you like what you hear, you have the perfect segway to invite her to that recruitment mixer Friday night.

Have a go-to story.

Why it works: If you have some sort of hilarious story about something that happened to you a few days ago, chances are your rush might be able to relate. Showing you're funny and relatable will make her comfortable with you, and she'll probably confess to a similarly ridiculous story. Instant friends.

"Where are you from?"

Why it works: Where someone is from tells a lot about them. Also, it might be something you have in common, or maybe one of your sisters is from the same town. Even better? Maybe she's from the same town as your big. Then you get to brag about how awesome your big is. Rushes looove that.

"It's so cold out!"

Why it works: While complaining is obviously not recommended, this statement works because you can explain all the great things your sorority does once the thermometer climbs above 70 degrees. The list is literally endless: Greek Week, Slurpees (you know what I'm talking about), Spring Break, outdoor mixers.


Why it works: You want to make sure this girl is interested in philanthropy because you don't want to have to force her to show up to nursing homes, and walks. Also, talking about all the good your organization does for the community is something she can tell her parents when they ask about rounds.

This is a bit girl-centric, so I'm sorry to the frat guys out there, but quite frankly I have no idea what you should talk to your rushes about. You can direct your questions to Ask Alberto, a new portion of Something Greek's blog coming soon!

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