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The Dreaded Hand Stamp

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Written by: Alex

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 The semester is about to start, and the members of your organization will start to trickle back. Then one night, you'll realize- hey, most of us are back. Let’s go out! You only have a couple days left of winter break, and soon enough you're free time will be sucked away from you by recruitment, philanthropy- and oh yea- that reason you're actually in school: classes. The only logical answer is to have some fun with your sisters or brothers before things start getting serious.

So you get ready, and meet up with your organization for a little welcome back fun. You pile into a car, and get to the bar. If you go to school somewhere with a climate like New York like I do, you wait on line and complain for a solid 20 minutes about how cold you are. Then, you get to the front of the line. The bouncer stamps your hand and you walk in. That stamp seems unimportant at that very moment. But fast forward to two days later when classes start, and that stamp is still on your hand. This is exactly what happened to me this week. I went out with my sisters on Tuesday night, woke up showered and came into Something Greek to work the next day. Obviously, the stamp was still on my hand so it’s a good thing everyone here at the store is young and laid back. It crossed my mind that this stamp on my hand was pretty unprofessional, but as local customers came into the store, I realized that like 60% of them had the exact same blue "M" stamp on their hands. Needless to say, I felt at home. Fast forward a little more to Thursday morning when classes started at my school. I woke up, showered, and went to class. I always try to make a good impression with my professors on the first day of classes, but when I looked down at my hand in Psychology 07 at 11:10 that morning this idea went out the window. Every time I moved I thought my professor was staring at my hand. Oh great- I thought- all of my professors are going to think I'm just at this school to party. While I do like to have fun, my G.P.A. has never been below a 3.49. Clearly, I take school pretty seriously. Well now it is Friday, and despite the fact that I showered AGAIN this morning, this blue thing is still on my hand. I'm a dance minor, and today I had modern and ballet. At my school, it is a well known fact that dance teachers HATE when you have any sort of distracting flare on your body. Of course, my ballet teacher came over to me at barre to correct my alignment. Please don't look at my right hand, please don't look at my right hand, I repeated over and over in my head. Luckily, she didn't say anything. Honestly, this is ridiculous. It has been three days, I have showered three times, and I've washed my hands countless times. WHY IS THIS STAMP STILL HERE?! Do they use some magical blue permanent ink? I'm pretty sure that if I drew all over myself with a Sharpie, I would have an easier time washing it off.

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If you have any suggestions about how I can get this stamp off my hand (preferably before next Tuesday rolls around, and I will inevitably be back at this hang out) please let me know. -Michelle
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