Locals: We Got You

03 February, 2012

Being in a local organization has some benefits and disadvantages. I'm in a local sorority myself so I understand your envy when your friend in a national organization walks into class with her iced coffee in a sorority on-the-go tumbler. While, unfortunately, we can't make you an on-the-go tumbler (God, I want one so bad), there are many things we can do for you. Key chains: While we already have key chains for some local groups, if we don't have yours yet, they can be ordered with a minimum of 50. Don't have 50 members in your organization? Save them for future pledge classes! Please give us a call at 1-800-247-3352 if you are interested in ordering any of these for your organization!

Something Greek Sorority letter Key Chain Alpha Omicron PiSomething Greek Sorority Bottle Opener Key Chain Delta GammaCustom Greek I love Sorority Key Chain Phi Mu  

Jewelry: All of these jewelry items are made to order, and that means we can make these items for locals!

Something Greek Exclusive Sorority Jewelry BraceletsSomething Greek exclusive Sorority Sterling silver Necklace 

No Licensing: Since you don't have to worry about nationals licensing issues, you can pretty much put letters on anything and in any location.

Custom Greek Sorority Lettered SweatpantsCustom Fraternity Sorority Greek Wooden Paddles  

Coming Soon: Pillowcases for local Sororities! Give us a call at 1-800-247-3352 if you want to set one up for your sorority!

Something Greek Exclusive Sorority Letter Pillowcases  


-Michelle Giuseffi

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