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They Say Love Is In The Air...

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Written by: Alex

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Now, you'd probably think that my Valentine's Day related post would be about all of Something Greek's love themed patterns, but I'm the world's biggest cynic. I HATE all that mushy love stuff. Seriously, why do we need boyfriends? The last time it snowed I shoveled my entire driveway by myself, and I did a better job than all of my neighbors including the man across the street with the snowblower. Also, I'm always the one who kills the spider creeping around my sorority house. No man needed. Luckily, Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year. Every Tuesday night during the semester, I spend the whole night with my sorority. There is nothing better than spending an entire night with the 27 loves of my life. Okay, maybe I'll get a little cheesy now (but only because it's about my sorority), but I truly believe in this quote from Sex and the City: "Don't laugh at me, but maybe we can be each other's soulmates.  Then we could let men be these great guys to have fun with"   *Click on the links for some extra entertainment* -Michelle Giuseffi


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