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It's Raining Greeks

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Written by: Alex

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Walking to class the other day it was raining and windy. Obviously, I was wearing the typical rainy-day-sorority-girl outfit: rain boots, leggings, a long-sleeved greek letter t-shirt, and my sorority pullover jacket. I thought to myself, what did I do before I had this jacket? What do GDIs wear in the rain? I'm pretty sure I used to wear a sweatshirt, but that inevitably would get soaked. I never owned an actual rain jacket before my sorority jacket. Who actually wears rain jackets? I would attempt to carry an umbrella, but I go to Hofstra, where there are wind tunnels everywhere. My umbrella would undoubtedly be inverted and ruined within seconds. On a rainy day at my school, you actually see a swarm of these jackets. I love being able to see everyone's pride for not only their organization, but also Greek life as a whole. I used to dread rainy days, but now the idea that I get to wear my Charles River jacket makes me slightly excited to venture out in the rain.

- Michelle Giuseffi

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