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Inside Look: Something Greek Customer Service

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Written by: Alex

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Some of us here at Something Greek thought you might be interested in exactly how we go about taking your custom fraternity and sororiyt orders, making your greek merchandise, and getting them out to you. Then, we had this idea to use this blog to show you just how we do all of that. From now on, once a month we're going to feature one of our departments in order to show you how each department interacts with your greek gear. Today, I figured I'd start with my department: Customer Service. As all of my readers know, I'm in charge of writing this blog, but that is a pretty recent development. In the rest of the time I'm at Something Greek, I fulfill the typical duties of a Customer Service Representative. That means I answer your phone calls and emails, call you if there is a problem with your fraternity apparel, pull your accessories from our shelves, take your orders, call you when your order is ready (if your order is a store pick up), and sometimes I even trim the embroidery if you get additional customization on your order. Basically, if you call us you'll speak to me. Most of the time I (or one of our other Customer Service Representatives) will answer your questions, but if we are unable to you'll speak to me and I'll direct your call to someone else like our art department. I hope you enjoyed reading about what we do here at Something Greek to get you your custom Greek apparel and gifts. Give us a call at 1-800-247-3352 or email us at if you have any questions (or if you just want to say hi and tell me what you think of this blog!)

-Michelle Giuseffi 

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