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The Beauty of the Personal Day

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Written by: Alex

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Last week I did something that I never do. I took a day for myself on a Monday. I have never been the type of person to skip class simply because I don't feel like going. One of my roommates even said once, "Telling Michelle not to go to class is like telling a nun not to go to church." In the seven months that I have worked at Something Greek, I haven't called out once. At my previous job where I worked for five years, I can count on one hand the times I called out. But last Monday was different. I had spent the whole weekend doing responsible things; I worked, studied for a psychology midterm, and wrote a paper for my anthropology class. I even missed out on St. Patrick's Day with my sorority. So when Monday rolled around, and I still had to edit two stories for my book editing class, I decided I wasn't going to be attending my classes that day. It's just two dance classes, I told myself. You're allowed three absences anyway, and the only other time I plan on skipping them is for formal in May. The decision was made, but under the pretence that I would be waking up at 9 o'clock, like I would have for class anyway. I planned on spending the whole day doing homework and studying. From about 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock that was exactly what I did. I sat on my bedroom floor with books, notebooks, and my computer spread in a circle around me. That idea quickly changed. That particular Monday was the first taste of spring here on Long Island. As I opened my windows to let the 70 degree warm breeze into my room, I realized I was in desperate need of a pedicure. So I texted my best friend, "I skipped my two classes today to do work. Is it bad if I go get a pedicure? What if I bring my psychology notes with me?" She approved. So around 1 o'clock, I left and did just that. On my way home I grabbed sushi. I studied a little more, but then around 5 o'clock I decided to watch a movie. Something else I never seem to find time in my busy schedule to do. So I watched Love and Other Drugs before going to my sorority meeting. Then, like the responsible person I am, I came home and finished studying for my midterm. This behavior of mine actually shocked everyone. While I was doing my homework in my room, one of my roommates came in and asked me if I was okay. She thought I must have been dying if I wasn't in class. When I was leaving my house, and I announced that I was going to get a pedicure, another one of my roommates shouted "Good for you!" This same roommate announced my personal day at our sorority meeting later that night, and a shout of "YOLO" responded.  I thought skipping these classes would make me feel guilty. And while I did feel slightly guilty, I felt great for the rest of the week. Most weeks I don't get a day to recuperate with school and work taking up my most of my time. In reality, it actually seemed to pay off because I found out yesterday that I got a 100 on my psychology midterm. While, I still will never be the person who skips classes just because, I'm glad I took this day to worry about life a bit less than I usually do. -Michelle Giuseffi
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