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Greek Week is Upon Us

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The week that Greeks all over the country anticipate all year is finally here! I'm so excited for 7 days of playing sports, cheering on my sorority, toga party, marathon, and presentation of our banner. In my sorority, the banner is always our pride and joy. Blood, sweat, tears, and countless hours of labor go into all of our Homecoming and Greek Week banners. I've seen four of them made, and I'm always so proud once it's finally finished. The days of painting and glittering (and finding glitter in places glitter should never be) are always worth it in the end. Unfortunately, this semester, my school decided we would no longer be allowed to use glitter on our banner. Um what? That's what makes our banner so amazing! I'm probably the least artistic person I know, but even I have learned to master the art of glittering. One of the seniors last year even trusted me enough to teach me how to shade the sky, a tall task for someone who can barely draw a circle. How are we supposed to make our theme, Canada, look good without using glitter? Well, some of my super talented, artistic sisters came up with ways to create a beautiful sunset using paint. They even trusted me with a small corner, and I'm pretty proud of how that corner looks if I do say so myself. I don't want to give away too  many details, but I will say that even without glitter our banner looks pretty amazing. I cannot wait to show it off next Tuesday. What's your favorite part of Greek Week? What does your school do that might be unusual to other  Greeks across the country? I'd love to hear your Greek Week experiences!

-Michelle Giuseffi


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