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The Beginning of the End

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That time has come. It's the end of the semester. At Something Greek this time of year is marked by massive amounts of orders for Greek Graduation Stoles. For those of us in Greek Life it means alumni brunches, formals, senior send offs, elections for next year's positions, saying goodbye to your sisters or brothers for the summer, and of course finals. This time of year is really bittersweet. There are lots of things that I'm excited for in the next few weeks. For one, seeing all of my sorority's alumni and talking about how things have changed and how many things are still exactly the same. And, of course, I'm excited to celebrate the end of the year with my sisters at formal in Atlantic City. I cannot wait for all the stress of school to be gone. I'm so excited for the endless days at the beach, and the carefree nature of summer in general. (Sidenote: Get excited for my summer blogs! I'll have so much more time to write them now that I don't have school to worry about.) While the end of school is always fun, there are many aspects that I'm not looking forward to. First, I don't want to see the seniors leave. There are so many that I've gotten so close to over the past two years of being in my sorority. I know things will not  be the same without them. I always dreaded leaving my sorority for the summer and going back home. This summer I don't have to worry about that since I'll be staying at school for the summer, but it will still be shocking when there are only a few girls left in the house instead of the constant chatter that I'm used to. Clearly, we all need a break after each semester, but leaving school for the year isn't always as happy as it seems. While I can't wait for the carefree feeling of summer, I also can't wait for everything that next semester will have to offer! -Michelle Giuseffi 

Greek Graduation Stole with Twill Letters - TWILL

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