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The Best Ways to Avoid Finals Week

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I know most normal schools are already done with finals, and a lot of you are already in summer mode. Some of us (like me) are not so fortunate. Naturally, procrastination has gotten the best of me this week. Judging by posts on other blogs, I see procrastination has gotten the best of a lot of other people too. Check out this fellow WordPress-er's "How Not to Stay Focused When Writing an Essay." I think this blogger has some great ideas for procrastination. You will find similar lists of things to do while procrastinating on several different websites. Needless to say, Something Greek has decided to give you our rendition of the best ways to procrastinate. 1. Organize your drawer of Greek custom clothing. You know that thing is a mess. Currently, mine is in 4 neat piles. One pile contains unisex tees from past Greek Weeks, Homecomings, and Bid Days. The next contains tank tops. The third pile is made up of fitted shirts, mainly American Apparel tees. The final pile is kind of miscellaneous; it contains jerseys and long sleeve shirts. Call it OCD, but I call it avoiding writing my final English paper. 2. Paint your nails. I always find I enjoy taking tests more if I have something pretty to look at while writing. The best part: you'll be forced to study while your nails dry. 3. Check your Greek organization's secret Facebook page once every 15 minutes. You never know what might be going on. 4. Create a Tumblr page for your school's Greek life. I'm not sure who created ours, but it is absolutely hilarious and so true. 5. Dootle your family tree on your notebook. Make sure you go back to the 90s so you know it will take a long time. Then, take a picture of your beatiful creation and send it to your big, gbig, and great. 6. Check out Something Greek's new custom Greek merchandise page. 7. Clean out your inbox. Delete all the old emails from past professors and those minutes from chapter meetings that you've saved since Spring 2011. 8. Draw your Greek organization's mascot on your study guide. No matter how many times I try I will never be able to successfully draw Garfield, but hey, a girl can try. 9. Look up all of the song covers by Boyce Avenue on YouTube. I promise you it's worth it. 10. Stalk your Great Great Great Grand big on Facebook. 11. Look up concerts you want to go this summer. 12. Reminisce about the semester you got into your organization by looking at pictures of your pledge class from that time. Then, text your pledgemaster and tell her how much you miss her. 13. Check your grades for the test your studying for, and ponder how much this test really matters. 14. Read all of Something Greek's old blog and make comments! (I had to stick that in there somehow) ;) 15. Download 50 Shades of Grey on your Kindle or iPad. Just do it. You can thank me later. Now that you've wasted probably about 3 hours, it might be time for you start your studying. Feel free to repeat these steps as necessary... -Michelle Giuseffi   

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