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My Daily Game of Real Life Frogger

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Written by: Alex

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I thoroughly enjoy placing all of your orders for your Custom Greek Clothing, helping you decide what you want to go on your Greek Paddles, and (most importantly) writing this blog. You are really lucky that I enjoy working at Something Greek so much because getting here every day is an actual nightmare. Okay, I understand that the weather is getting nicer and summer traffic is always worse, but this is a year round problem. The drive from my house to Something Greek should take ten minutes, but sometimes it can take a half hour. Ridiculous. Why does it take so long? There is only one road! Driving from my house to the store is like a daily game of real life Frogger. Let me explain: First, there is the typical annoying driver. There are ones that drive so slow that I could probably get out of my car and walk faster. The most annoying drivers are the ones who are double parked on the side of the street where a sign clearly says no parking. That sign is there for a reason, sir. Please move. I can't get around you, and I have a job to get to. Also, there are no turning lanes on this street. Sometimes I get stuck behind a person trying to make a left turn, and I can't move for five minutes. So annoying! The increased driving time isn't always about traffic, most of the time stupid people are the issue. There are crosswalks for a reason. Please use them because if you don't, I won't feel bad when I hit you.  People will literally look directly at me and run across the street. The part that confuses me the most? This happened today when I was driving to work at 2:30pm. Don't these people have jobs to be at? I guess not. Also annoying: bicyclists. You're not a car and you're not a person. Last Saturday there was a man on a bike driving on the double yellow line. Okay, that makes sense. Despite all of this annoyance I will continue to venture through this obstacle course everyday in hopes that I won't hit any of you on my way to work.

-Michelle Giuseffi 

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