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10 Things You'll Miss About Your Organization This Summer

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Last night when I got back from the gym wearing my Sorority Champion Mesh Shorts, two of my pledge sisters were sitting at our kitchen table. One of them suddenly burst into one of our sorority's songs. I couldn't help but think how much I miss regular semester occurrences. I decided that I would use this Something Greek blog to list ten of the things that you surely miss about your organization by mid-June. 1. Chapter Meetings. I know they can be long and tedious, but how often do you see every single member of your organization in one room? 2. Running into one of your brothers/sisters on campus. I think we take for granted how often you randomly run into one of your brothers or sisters. Imagine you are walking to a boring class and you spot someone wearing a custom Greek jacket in your colors. How excited do you get when you stop and talk to your brother or sister on your way to class? 3. Fraternity/Sorority Songs/Chants. The first time you sing your song at the start of a new semester is such a great feeling. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss singing mine every Tuesday night. 4. Constantly having someone to hang out with. Even if you are living with members of your organization for the summer, chances are you all have jobs, summer classes, not to mention the fact that only a few of you are probably staying around school. Finding someone to go to the beach with during the summer is more difficult than during the semester. 5. Having several closets of clothes to borrow from. Okay, this really only applies to girls, but whenever you're looking for something to wear during the semester you know one of your sisters has the perfect cute top to go with whatever else you're wearing. 6. Late night studying talks. The actual studying part is usually awful, but sometimes great conversations arise out of 3 am study session delirium. 7. Glitter. Homecoming and Greek Week are  hard work, but I kind of miss being covered in glitter for weeks on end. 8. Crafting. On that note, I miss crafting for new pledge classes. Paint, stickers, paint markers, sharpies, and beads, Oh My. 9. Philanthropy Walks. I couldn't imagine waking up at 7am for anything that didn't involve my organization. 10. New custom Greek apparel. Don't lie, you know you're already thinking of ideas for  your screenprinted recruitment shirts. I also bet you can't wait to cut them up and make them look cute! -Michelle Giuseffi
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