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Our New Obsession: Pinterest

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Written by: Alex

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Did you know that Something Greek has a new Pinterest page? Pinterest has become my latest obsession. You should check it out too! Something Greek's Pinterest page has  a board for each sorority that we carry products for. On these boards, you will find Greek accessories, custom Greek clothing, and some screenprinting ideas. We also have a few boards that do not hold any of our products that I think will interest you.

First we have a board called "Inspiration." This board has ideas for your organization's screenprinted apparel, quotes for recruitment, and a few things that we just think are funny. Another board that we have is "Keep Calm And..." Some of these pins are Greek related, but others aren't. My two personal favorites are "Keep Calm and Prepare for Recruitment" and "Keep Calm and Put it in the Burn Book." "Cute Ways to Cut Shirts" will be a board that I do not doubt that you will utilize. Personally, I've never been good at cutting shirts, but I plan on trying some of these ideas. The idea for a tied crop top is my favorite. "Get Crafty" has some great ideas for crafts to make for your little or maybe just for yourself. These flowers made out of streamers would be perfect in your organizations colors for your next event. I saved the best for last. My favorite board is our "Awesome Greek Design" board. This board is all about you guys, our customers. If we see a design that you've made that we like, we'll repin it. The board has everything from paddles, to cookies, to cupcakes, to coolers.

Some of these things you guys have made are truly amazing! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest. If we like your boards we'll follow you too! And if we REALLY like your Greek designs you might just find that we repinned them!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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