Tomorrow is Embrace Your Inner Geek-ness Day!

12 July, 2012

I've been looking up obscure holidays to celebrate between taking your orders for custom Greek clothing. The first one that I found interesting was "Embrace Your Inner Geek-ness Day" which is tomorrow July 13th. Then I thought, which products does Something Greek offer that could help you embrace your inner geek? I've complied a list because, you know, geeks do things like that. 

Something Greek Custom Sorority Mascot Notepad

The Sorority Mascot Notepad comes with your mascot in your colors with your sorority written out.


Something Greek Custom Sorority Post It Notes

The Sorority Post-Its comes in your colors with your mascot. 

Something Greek Custom Sorority Mascot Colored Pens

The Sorority Pens comes in your colors with your mascot in your colors!

Something Greek Custom Sorority Square Notepad

 The Sorority Square Notepad comes in your sorority's colors with your organization written out on the bottom.

Something Greek Custom Sorority Peace Pen

The Sorority Peace Pen comes with your organizations letters, mascot, and cute little peace signs.


Have a very happy Embrace Your Inner-Geek Day! Be sure to check out our Back to School accessories packs coming soon.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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