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Get Ready for the Olympics!

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Your favorite quote might be "Not Four Years, For Life," but there is something else that comes around every four years... The Olympics. The games start tomorrow, July 27 and ends August 12. Those of us here at Something Greek thought we'd let you know which colleges your soon-to-be favorite athletes went to. They probably weren't in Greek Life, but maybe you had classes with them! Check this out!

Something Greek Olympics Arizona State University

Desiree Davila went to Arizona State University. Desiree will be participating in the Women's Marathon.  

Something Greek Olympics University of Arizona

Abdihaken Abdirahman went to the University of Arizona, and will be participating in the Men's Marathon.

Something Greek Olympics University of California

Amy Acuff went to University of California, Los Angeles. Amy will be participating in the Women's High Jump.

Something Greek Olympics Stanford University

Mike Bryan went to Stanford University. He will be participating in Men's Tennis. 

Something Greek Olympics Texas A-M University

Cammile Adams currently attends Texas A-M University. She will be participating in the Women's 200m Swimming event.

Something Greek Olympics Penn State University

Matthew Anderson went to Penn State, and he will be playing on the Men's Volleyball team. Here at Something Greek, we have a soft spot for volleyball.

Something Greek Olympics University of Connecticut

Sue Bird went to University of Connecticut. She will be playing Women's Basketball. Something Greek Olympics Northern Michigan State University 

Charles Edward Betts went to Northern Michigan State University. He will be wrestling in the 84kg weight class.

Something Greek Olympics Notre Dame University

Courtney Hurley went to Notre Dame University. She is participating in Women's Fencing.

Something Greek Olympics Timothy Hutten

Timothy Hutten went to University of California Irvine. He will be competing in Men's Water Polo. There are too many Olympic athletes for us to highlight all of them, but I can't wait to cheer them all on starting tomorrow! Go USA!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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