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Free Football Patterns

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Written by: Alex

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You heard it here first! Something Greek will be offering FREE football patterns for the month of September. This offer starts on Friday at midnight. You can customize your next Fraternity lettered t-shirt with your favorite football team's pattern, and wear it the next time you hang out with rushes while watching a game. With Something Greek's special offer, you can show your pride for your favorite football team and your organization at the same time! Check out a sampling of our football patterns:

06 Pattern
Rams Pattern: 06
18 Pattern
Rams Version 2 Pattern: 18
10 Pattern
Chiefs Pattern: 10
C245 Pattern
49ers Pattern: C245
N701 Pattern
Falcons Pattern: N701
N715 Pattern
Cardinals Pattern: N7221
D363 Pattern
Bengals Pattern: 08

To all you new members, congratulations and welcome to the best years of your life! We hope you make all your future custom Greek clothing purchases with Something Greek!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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