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Something Greek's Recruitment Series: How to Change the Subject

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Earlier this week a bunch of us here at Something Greek thought of several frequently asked questions and statements that Greek life members face during recruitment. As the next step, we've thought of different ways to change the subject. You can use these methods after being faced with a difficult question or comment, or simply when a conversation seems to be dying.

1. How do you like [insert name of school] so far?

2. What did you do in high school? Did you play sports? Were you a part of student government? (Maybe just pick one of these suggestions as all of them might be overwhelming.)

3. What did you do last weekend/last night?

4. Have you been to [insert name of local restaurant]? A bunch of us went there the other night, and... [insert funny story, or a great appetizer you would recommend].

5. How are your classes going this semester? (Okay, maybe it's a lame question, but you might be able to bond over how great-- or crazy-- a certain professor is.)

6. Have you met everyone? (The ultimate question for when you really don't have anything left to say.)

7. I love your shoes! Where did you get them? (Well, don't lie, but if you genuinely like something a PNM is wearing tell him/her! Just don't have a Mean Girls moment.)

8. Are you involved in any clubs on campus already? Are you interested in any?

9. If you have a ridiculous story about something that happened to you earlier in the day, laughing always helps people to bond. So if your professor showed up to class with her cat because she claimed it was depressed being home alone, talk about it! 10. Do you have any questions about Greek life or [insert name of school]? (Just be prepared! This might lead to one of those tough questions that we discussed last time.) Before you put on your new custom screen printed recruitment shirt, make sure you are prepared for any awkward silences that come your way! As always, if you have any additional suggestions please let us know by commenting.  -Michelle Giuseffi

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