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Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Your Organization

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, Something Greek thought that we would compile a list of reasons to be thankful for you sorority or fraternity. 1) These are probably the most precious friendships you will ever have. 2) That paddle from your little is your most prized possession. 3) Who else can you call at 3 am without judgement? 4) They get you through your late-night study sessions. 5) With the many members in your organization, you're pretty much guaranteed that someone at some point took the exact class that you are taking. 6) You never have to be that awkward person in the corner eating your lunch alone. 7) You always have a shopping buddy (for girls) or sports watching buddy (for guys). 8) If you were ever effected by a natural disaster, your sisters or brothers would be the first ones to help (we recently learned this when Sandy touched down in New York). 9) The life lessons Greek organizations can teach you are invaluable. 10) If you ever need a favor, you always know your organization will be there for you.       -Michelle Giuseffi
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