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Your Winter Break To Do List

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Finals are over, and after tonight so is the holiday season. What are you going to do for the next few weeks before classes start again? Something Greek has complied a Winter Break  to do list for everyone in a sorority or fraternity. This isn't one of those annoying to do lists that you make during the semester, but more of a select what you like and skip over what you don't sort of list.

  1. Spend a day doing nothing but watching the first season of your favorite TV show
  2. Go to the gym (because no one has time to work out during the semester)
  3. Pretty soon you'll start missing the other members of your organization. Set up a lunch date with one of your brothers or sisters that lives nearby
  4. Start looking for quotes for your greek recruitment or sorority bid day shirts
  5. Get a jump-start on crafting for your little or grand little just leave a space open for her name
  6. Take a trip back to school and clean your room. You know you haven't really cleaned since September, and you'll feel so much better starting the new semester in a clean room
  7. Set up a snowy vacation with your organization. Even if you don't ski or snowboard, I'm sure you'll love the reunion
  8. Get a NEW sorority tumbler and sip some hot chocolate on a cold, winter night
  9. Take a trip back to the days when you were in middle school and had sleepovers with your best friends. Invite one of your sisters over who lives a bit to far away for a lunch date, but close enough for a weekend trip.
  10. Order some new greek gear

Starting Wednesday January, 2nd  -- Something Greek will reduce our shipping cost in half! We hope you have a fantastic Winter Break!

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