The Best Recruitment Quotes Ever

Classes have already started or are about to start in colleges around the country. The average student is probably bummed that she has to go back to class and start studying and writing papers again, but for the Greek college student, the beginning of a new semester is extraordinarily exciting. Why? Recruitment, of course! We did it last semester, so now Something Greek is doing it again. We've seen some of the best screenprinted rush shirts come through our store, and we've seen even more on Pinterest, so check out these recruitment quote ideas. We picked them straight from the best, obviously.

  • No one on the row has swagger like us
  • [Insert Organization] is so fetch. On bid day we wear pink.
  • [Insert Organization] are a girl's best friend
  • Add a chapter to your story
  • I didn't come to college to find my husband. I came to find my bridesmaids
  • Whoever said letters didn't matter never got to wear these
  • Nothing like you expected, but everything you were looking for
  • They say choose wisely. That's why I was chosen.
  • We're going to make this place your home
  • Be you. Be confident. Be [insert organization].

Well, there you have it. Some of these quotes lend themselves to a theme for a rush event, some would be perfect for bid day, and others would be cute to wear to class during recruitment to catch the eye of a potential new member that you haven't met yet! If you're interested in ordering custom Greek recruitment shirts, give us a call!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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