Something Greek Twitter Contest

Remember that time we gave away 12 Greek Contrast Hooded Sweatshirts during our 12 Days of Pinterest Contest? Well, Something Greek is at it again! Since being creative is practically a requirement for being Greek, you get to be a little more creative this time! We want to know what you think the greatest part of being Greek is. Here are the rules: 1. Log into Twitter. 2. Go to our Twitter page. 3. Use @SomethingGreek and #TheBestPartofBeinginGreekLife. For example, @SomethingGreek #TheBestPartofBeinginGreekLife is shopping at Something Greek! 4. All entries must be in by Friday, February 15th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, February, 16th. What you will win: Our brand new Greek Sublimated Hooded Sweatshirt in either Ash Gray or White with your organization's crest on the back and printed letters on the front. If you win our contest, you will be one of the first to get one! Something Greek Fraternity Sorority Contrast Hooded Sweatshirts  

Happy Tweeting! -Michelle Giuseffi

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