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How to Wash Your Greek Garments

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Recently, many of you have been asking Something Greek's Customer Service Department how to wash your custom Greek garments. Now, I'm not an expert laundress or anything, but I figured I'd explain to you how I wash my Greek clothing. For your regular Greek t-shirt or Greek Sweatshirt, either printed or with twill letters, simply put  your garment in the wash with your other clothes. Call me cautious because I would probably sacrifice my future first-born child for my Greek Pullover Jacket, but I always wash it by itself and inside out. That's probably not necessary, but why chance it? Any screen printed garment from Something Greek, can be washed just as easily as your favorite twill letter shirt. We use something called "flash" on all of our darker colored shirts to ensure that your printed design won't peel after a few washes. While unusual, sometimes our clothes will pill. Instead of going through the trouble of sending the garment back to us, usually tape or a lint brush will get rid of the pills. If you are extremely careful, you can also use a razor. Do you have more specific questions? Leave them in a comment and I'll address them!
Something Greek Custom Greek Clothing Pacakges
 -Michelle Giuseffi
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