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The Best Products for New Greek Members

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Written by: Alex

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Did you just get inducted into a Greek organization? Well, then you probably want to buy lots of new custom Greek apparel and Greek accessories from Something Greek! To help you out, we've complied a list of some of the most common products among new Greek members.

Something Greek Custom Pullover Jacket
The most common new member product is our Sorority Pullover Jacket. Don't have one yet? What are you waiting for?!
Something Greek Custom Fraternity Coach's Crossing Jacket
Looking for a hood-free alternative to the Greek Pullover Jacket? The Sorority Coach's Jacket is our second most popular jacket.
Something Greek Custom Fraternity Letter T-Shirt
This Sorority Lettered T-Shirt is one of our most common items. Get it in your organization's colors to really show your pride.
Something Greek Exclusive Hoodie and T-shirt clothing Pack
We know that as a college student you like to save money. Our Greek Hoody and T-shirt Pack saves you money and lets you show off your custom Greek letters.
Something Greek custom Greek Letter Car Stickers
Show your car some love with the Greek Car Window Sticker!
Something Greek Custom Sorority Shoulder Bag
The whole reason you're in college is to go to school right? Make sure you bring your letters along with our Sorority Shoulder Bag.

To all you new members, congratulations and welcome to the best years of your life! We hope you make all your future custom Greek clothing purchases with Something Greek!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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