Your Greek Graduation Check List

Last week, Something Greek gave you graduation gift ideas for Greeks. But what if you're the one graduating? We've complied a checklist of things you'll probably want to take care of before you graduate, as a fraternity or sorority member. You'll find fun stuff, serious steps any graduate needs to take before entering the real world, and some Greek specific tasks!
1) If you haven't already, make sure you get a graduation stole with your Greek letters! We offer a Greek 24 Hour Custom Printed Stole in case you're short on time.
2) Find a pretty place on campus and take a picture. You take these things for granted now, but you'll miss them around this time next year.
3) Create a LinkedIn account. Think of it as Facebook for your resume.
4) Sort though all of the custom Greek apparel and accessories that you have accumulated over the years. Make a pile to keep and a pile to pass down.
5) Check out your Greek organization's alumni Facebook group. Maybe even post something saying that you'll be graduating soon and asking if there is anyone in your field who knows of any job openings.
6) Befriend a professor. You never know when you'll need a letter of recommendation.  The professors in your major might also have some great connections in the industry you're so desperately trying to get a job in.
7) Befriend people in your major. I know, you have enough friends. You have a whole organization and Greek community filled with them, but you may not have a whole bunch of Greeks in your major. They might be your competition for an entry-level position right now, but fast forward a few years and they might help you land your dream job!
8) Make time for yourself. The end of the semester can be really stressful. You have to worry about grades, finding a formal date, moving out of your house or dorm, and much more. Don't let the stress prevent you from enjoying the end of the best four years of your life. (See: The Beauty of the Personal Day)
9) Take a picture with your school's mascot.
10) Promise to come back for Homecoming next year... and keep your promise!
Congratulations to all you graduating Greeks! Have another graduation day bucket list item that you would like to add? Leave us a comment!
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-Michelle Giuseffi
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