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Something Greek's 15 Day Twitter Challenge Official Rules

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Written by: Alex

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Here are the official rules for Something Greek's 15 Day Twitter Challenge: 1. Make sure you are following us on Twitter (@SomethingGreek) 2. Check in daily for the question of the day. 3. Answer the question using @SomethingGreek to make sure that we see your answer. You can use #SGTwitterContest if you want some brownie points! 4. If you answer each question each day, you will win a FREE Greek Lettered T-Shirt. 5. We will also pick ONE lucky grand prize winner to win a FREE Greek Sweatshirt. This overall winner will be awarded to the person who we believe delivered the best answers throughout the contest. Be sure to use your creativity! If you have any questions, you can send an email to  -Michelle Giuseffi
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