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#SomethingGreekRecruitment Pinterest Contest

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Written by: Alex

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We had so much fun running the Something Greek Twitter Contest, so we've decided to run a brand new Pinterest Contest! The name of this event is #SomethingGreekRecruitment. Keep reading to learn how this contest works.

  1. Make sure you are following us on all of our social media pages
  2. Check out our #SomethingGreekRecruitment Pinterest board for inspiration! We will be updating it from now through the duration of the contest. You might even see your ideas there.
  3. Create your own board using the following hashtag in the board title: #SomethingGreekRecruitment. Be sure to include the hashtag in your pin descriptions also!
  4. Make sure your #SomethingGreekRecruitment board has a theme, and list it clearly in the board description. For example, your recruitment theme could be Las Vegas, Football, 1950s, or anything else you could imagine! Make it creative for bonus points!
  5. The contest will run through August 15th. At that point, we will select one winner based on creativity, best overall theme, and most original theme.
  6. Oh, and I guess you want to know the prize... Half off recruitment shirts for your entire organization! As always, if you have any questions, please email Happy Pinning!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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