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Ten Reasons that Sorority Sisters' Friendships are the Best Friendships

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In honor of National Friendship Week, Something Greek has complied a list of 10 reasons that sorority sisters' friendships are better than any other friendships.

  1. You have the same values
  2. Being sorority sisters means never having to say, "don't judge me but..."
  3. You most likely live together, and you still want to spend every waking moment together -- that's a true friendship
  4. The new member education process creates a bond that is inexplicable
  5. You have dozens of people who would answer a phone call at 3AM if you needed them
  6. Making new friends becomes way easier when you can approach a stranger in your letters and say, "hey, I'm in that sorority too!"
  7. Your pledge sisters, your little, and your big are practically obligated to "like" anything you post on any given social media platform
  8. You always have a study-buddy, shopping-buddy, lunch-buddy, or any other kind of buddy you can imagine. There's always at least one other person looking to do the same thing as you.
  9. You always have a friend who is willing to pretend to be your lover, if someone tries to pick you up and you're not interested
  10. The joy that comes from screaming the words of your sorority's songs whenever they come on the radio is unfathomable and cannot be felt with anyone else

Can you think of another reason that your sorority sisters are the best friends that you could ever have? Leave your idea in the comments below!
- Michelle Giuseffi

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