Essential Social Media Tools for a Successful Sorority Recruitment

06 September, 2013

Besides a cute outfit and important conversation points, what else could you need?  These tips are a sure way to have a fun and organized recruitment.
  1. Facebook – Facebook is essential for scoping out PNMs before recruitment starts.  During recruitment you meet hundreds of girls, and it becomes impossible to remember all of their names, faces and personalities.  Fear not! Punch their name into Facebook and “Viola!” Having the ability to match a face to a name instantly reminds you of the conversations you had and why she may be the perfect addition to your sorority.  Creating a fan page for your sorority is a great way to keep PNM's updated with details for recruitment rounds.  All they have to do is "like" it!
  2. Pinterest – There is no better way to collect all of your recruitment ideas than creating a Pinterest board.  Title it with your theme and start pinning shirt ideas, quotes and decorations.  Pinterest’s new secret boards enable you to do this without other sororities seeing your theme idea!  If you need some inspiration, you’ll enjoy our Pinterest recruitment board!  You can also browse our beautifully created shirt ideas here.
  3. Instagram and Twitter – These go hand in hand. You are going to want to somethinggreek social media ig twitter fb  how off your sorority’s accomplishments and good doings on these platforms via pictures and short caption of 140 words or less.  You can also advertise your events, highlight a sister's achievements or post a picture of your fundraising table.  These fast paces platforms are a great way to let all of your followers know what you're doing and the location, as well as how they can get involved!
What are you waiting for? Start posting! - Jessica Lucero
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