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Famous Greeks Part X

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Need some interesting fun facts to share with your new members?  You've come to the right place!  Our most popular blog, Famous Greeks, is bringing you your favorite celebrities and the fraternities and sororities they were in in college!

carrie underwood american idol greek sorority sigma sigma sigma trisig trisigma famous celebrity alumni alumna
After winning American Idol, Carrie Underwood rejoined the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma  at Northeastern State University!
kevin costner man of steel greek fraternity delta chi famous celebrity alumni alumna

Kevin Costner, who most recently starred in Man of Steel, is proud to be a Delta Chi!

Christy Carlson Romano ren stevens greek sorority sigma delta tau sdt famous celebrity alumna alumni
Even Stevens' "Ren" (also the voice of the action packed hero Kim Possible) was a member of Sigma Delta Tau at Columbia!
Jon Stewart today show host college greek fraternity pi kappa alpha pka celebrity alumni
The Today's Show host, Jon Stewart, was a member of Pi Kappa Alpha at the College of William & Mary in Virginia.
Tory Burch fashion designer greek sorority kappa alpha theta celebrity alumna alumni
Fashion Designer, Tory Burch, is a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta.  Will there be a line of Greek products in the future?!
jeremy piven entourage greek fraternity pi kappa alpha pka celebrity alumni college
Jeremy Piven, of the hit Television Series "Entourage", is not only very good-looking, but is also a member of Pi Kappa Alpha!
lucy liu kill bill umich greek college sorority chi omega
Kill Bill's Lucy Liu was a member of Chi Omega at the University of Michigan!

Have we mentioned your sorority for fraternity yet? Comment below and we will further investigate the celebrities that were in your Greek organization!

- Jessica Lucero

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