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Happy Hunger Games!

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I never got into Harry Potter or Twilight, but The Hunger Games somehow roped me in.In honor of Catching Fire's release this Friday, Something Greek has compiled some hilarious Hunger Games memes. Happy Catching Fire release! Happy #recruitment season! #hungergames

This meme is clearly our favorite as it is Greek recruitment reltated!

Hunger Games Pick-up Lines #College #TheHungerGames #Funny

We don't really advise using one of these Hunger Games pickup lines, but they sure are funny!

The Hunger Games. This is so awful and funny at the same time.

We love Rue!

damn, america.

I never really thought about what the rest of the world was doing while this was happening in Panem.


This reminds me of all of those sorority songs we changed the words to.

Hahaha yup

Obviously, she's is THE girl on fire!

mean girls!

Ah, Mean girls and Hunger Games. Two of my favorite things!

the original hunger games

One of the best games of the 90s.

Mean Girls, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. Perfect! #College #Humor  #Funny

I know I said I'm not a Harry Potter fan, but this is funny.

Do you have a favorite Hunger Games meme? Send it to us and maybe we'll just post it on Facebook!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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