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Something Greek Holiday Shopping Guide: The Rush vs. Expedited Shipping Dilemma

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We've been getting a lot of questions lately about whether you should choose "Rush" or one of our expedited shipping options on Sure you can read our FAQs (you are in college after all), but what does it really mean? I'll try to explain. The short answer to the rush vs. expedited shipping dilemma is that rush only affects production time while, expedited shipping only affects delivery time. That being said, in order to get something super quick, you might want to choose both. Still not sure what to do? Here are some quick facts: 1. We are located in Long Island, New York. This means that choosing expedited shipping within New York or the tri-state area is probably a waste of money (Upstate/Western New York is an exception-- that will take 2 business days of ship time). This also means that it takes us a bit longer to ship to places like California, Texas, Oregon, etc. 2. Most of our items ship via UPS. UPS only ships on weekdays, so if you enter a rush date for a Sunday, that really means we'll need to have it to you by Friday. 3. Some of our warehouses are outside of New York. One of our most popular brands is American Apparel. The American Apparel warehouse is in California which means that before we can even start customizing your Greek lettered shirt, we have to accommodate for the three days of transit time from the warehouse. 4. Paying a rush fee only affects production time. I already mentioned that we're in New York and some of our warehouses are out of state. Unfortunately, we can't change how quickly a warehouse can get items to us. Also, a rush fee does not effect shipping time either. To ship something more quickly, you will need to add an expedited shipping option. 5. The rush fee is always 15% of the total cost of your order. 6. There are three different methods of expedited shipping. Three-Day-Select is an additional $16.50, Second Day Air is an additional $21.50, and Next Day Air is an additional $36.50. Please keep in mind that UPS only ships on weekdays. 7. Choosing Next Day Air does not mean you will receive your order tomorrow. This is because expedited shipping methods do not effect production time. This means that if you order an item that has to be ordered from a warehouse (see number 3) or an item that has to be made and customized (all clothing, some accessories) that time is in addition to the number of days in the shipping method that you chose. 8. Something Greek is the only company in the Greek clothing business that will guarantee a delivery date. This means that we will call you if we can't make the date that you specified. Please be sure you pick up or call us back as to not delay your order! Want to ask a question about specific items being delivered to a specific location? We have a very knowledge customer service staff that you can reach by calling 1-800-247-3352 or by emailing!

Shop the pain away. #Greek #Sorority #MeanGirls #Pink

-Michelle Giuseffi
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