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Ten Lessons You'll Learn as Sorority Vice President

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Our Ten Lessons You'll Learn as Sorority President was Something Greek's most successful post to date, and I'm so glad you guys loved it! We had a request on Facebook for a similar post about being Vice President, and you're in luck because I held that position too! Sure being Vice President prepares you to be President, but as I've recently found out it also prepares you to take on an assistant position after graduation.

1. A tremendous amount of work that goes into even the simplest things. Whether it's preparing for a chapter meeting, or organizing a conference, the smallest things require a lot of planning.

2. You'll be left with the work that no one else wants to do. The president is busy making sure everything goes smoothly, so when your social chair gets sick and can't plan formal, you'll be the one stepping in. Same goes for being an assistant. You'll be the one lugging the case of water bottles to the conference room.

3. Set an example. Everyone is watching you. This is especially important if you have aspirations to go on to run for president.

4. Think on your feet. You're in charge when the president isn't around. I was definitely taken aback when I was asked a question that otherwise would have been directed at the president for the first time.

5. Be supportive. Things are going to go wrong. Chances are they won't be your fault or the president's fault, but understandably you'll be the two it will hit the hardest. Be there for each other.

6. Be prepared to step in at a moment's notice. Whether one of your sisters gets sick and can't preform the duties of her position, or if someone else in your department calls out of work, you'll be the one who has to make sure the event or presentation goes on.

7. Make suggestions nicely. Decisions are left up to the president or your boss, but you have a lot of knowledge too. If you feel strongly about something, speak up, but do so respectfully. For the times that doesn't work in your favor...

8. Learn to stand behind ideas even if you don't necessarily agree. Chances are that sometimes you won't agree with the president or your boss's decision, but you still need to carry out their ideas.

9. Be careful who you vent to. Being in a high position means that you're going to have to deal with a lot of the problems in the sorority. That being said, don't vent to your little about something that another girl in her pledge class did-- or more likely-- failed to do.

10. Enjoy your time as Vice President because hopefully soon enough, you'll have all the stress that comes with being President!

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-Michelle Giuseffi

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