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Spring 2013 Recruitment Theme Ideas

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Sure, you're still relaxing on Winter Break, but before you know it you'll be sitting at chapter voting on recruitment themes. Make sure you're prepared by picking your favorite from Something Greek's recruitment theme list below! Sorority Recruitment, Recruitment Themes 1. The Hunger Games: Personally, I wish Katniss was in my sorority. However, if you set up your recruitment room to resemble District 12, you might just find some PNMs who are just as cool as Katniss. Gold mockingjay pins and fake flames will ensure that you're recruitment room will be on fire. Delta Gamma Recruitment, DG Recruitment, Sorority Recruitment, The Great Gatsby 2. 1920s: Take some hints from the Great Gatsby. The more fringe, pearls, mocktails, and vintage record players the better. Sorority Recruitment, Sorority Recruitment Themes, Chanel Quotes 3. Chanel: Okay, so this one isn't very originally, but there's a reason it's a classic. There are literally hundreds of appropriate quotes. Decorate with pearls, the Chanel logo, or anything that screams high fashion. sigma delta tau sex and the city greek fraternity sorority tv show screenprint design custom shirts 4. ... & the City: This pretty much works with any organization's letters, and Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda will always hold a special place in my heart. Decorate with fake cosmopolitans (replace with Shirley Temples?), beautiful shoes, and the New York City skyline. Oh, and shirt idea alert: The only letters that never go out of style. Sorority Recruitment, Party Decorations 5. Black and White: Pick a favorite black and white movie (An Affair to Remember maybe) and keep your decorations to shades of gray. Simple, classy, and elegant. Sorority Recruitment, Sorority Recruitment Themes 6. The Wizard of Oz: Because I don't think there is a better recruitment quote than "There's no place like home." If the standard ruby slipper decorations are too standard for you, decorate your room as Munchkin Land! Much better than the overused Candy Land theme. Sorority Recruitment, Recruitment Themes 7. Kentucky Derby: Big floppy hats, sundresses, and pearls required. You'll also need a super crafty sister who can draw beautiful horses. Sorority Bid Day Themes, Sorority Recruitment Themes, Sorority Recruitment 8. Alice in Wonderland: Okay, so the above picture is a bid day sign, but there are so many cool things from Alice in Wonderland that you can recreate! Personally, I think the tea party scene could be adorable, or maybe the red queen's garden! What is your favorite recruitment theme idea? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi


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