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10 Reasons to Join a Sorority

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Yes, our Something Greek blog is for our customers, but today we thought we'd try something different by creating a list of reasons to join a sorority. Maybe you're a potential new member that stumbled across this blog while doing research or maybe you're a current sorority member and customer and you plan on using this information to share with PNMs (potential new members).

  1. Life long friendships. I'm happy to say that I  am a 22 year old college graduate and many of the girls in my sorority are still my best friends today.
  2. Giving back. Maybe the only community service that you did in high school was what was required of you to join the National Honors Society, but being in Greek live will give you the chance to participate in philanthropic events. You'll soon realize that these events are often rewarding and (pause for effect) fun.
  3. Make a big school feel smaller. Sure, there are tens of thousands of students at your school, and that can be overwhelming. Joining Greek life brings you into a smaller, more manageable community. I'll bet this "community" will even become your family.
  4. Real life experience. If you hold positions in your sorority, you'll have tons of experiences that will make you a better candidate for an internship or job. My favorite thing to talk about in job interviews has always been how I planned a charity event as philanthropy chair that raised $9,000 for scholarships for students effected by cancer.
  5. Alumni connections. Having a relationship with people your parents age who aren't actually your parents is a beautiful thing.
  6. All of those sorority shirts are pretty great. Sorry, we had to throw that in there.
  7. Getting dressed for any event becomes significantly easier. This might be because all you need to do is throw on one of those great screen printed shirts mentioned above with jeans and black heels or because you have lots of other closets to borrow from.
  8. No matter where you move after college, you'll likely have a sister nearby. Or, maybe you'll even live together!
  9. Perfecting your creative skills. Before I joined a sorority, I probably would have made a huge mess with glitter, crafts, paint, you name it. Now, I can perfectly create a sunset out of glitter-- you know, in case that ever comes in handy.
  10. Conversation skills. If your a potential new member, have you ever wondered how the members of the sorority you're talking to know exactly what to say? Well, it takes practice, but if you're shy, this will definitely break you out of your shell.

What are your top reasons for joining a sorority? Do you agree with the ones here? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

- Michelle Giuseffi

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