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Spring 2014 Bid Day Ideas

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What's one of the best things about a new semester? Bid Day, of course! Check out some of the awesome bid day ideas, themes, and quotes that we've found.

Sorority Clothing Inspiration #KKG #BidDayWe love this Polaroid picture idea, and we also love having your new members wear your mascot before they can wear letters!

❤ theta LOVE ❤ bid day inspirations

A classy 60's theme, complete with bright colors and flowers, is great for spring recruitment.

ZTA bid day

You remember how it felt to find that perfect group of girls. It's kind of like finding your soulmate. No wait-- better.

Cute for our bid day theme!- I cannot describe how much I love this shirt. If only the flowers where less tacky it would be my favorite shirt ever.

Take some decoration hints from Once Upon a Time on Bid Day-- I mean-- Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.

Zeta keeping America beautiful on Bid Day. Shake it like a Polaroid Picture!! Great Bid Day Idea! #GTTR

Brighten your Bid Day with some stars and stripes!

Bid Day 2013! Photo by Tessa Tillett Photography

Check out these awesome signs for your Sigma Rho Chis!

Bid Day 2013!

This cute sign works for any mascot!

Bid Day shirt idea

This is a great Bid Day quote for screen printed shirts!

Jungle-themed Bid Day

We love a good play on words bid day theme!

Phi Sigma Sigma Bid Day :)

Great quote and adorable sponge painting!

We hope you liked our Bid Day ideas! Be sure to check out for your Bid Day shirts!

-Michelle Giuseffi



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