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10 Ways to Craft with Mason Jars

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So you've just gotten a new little... congrats! The next thing you'll need are a basket of crafts to present her with when she finds out that you're her big. I've always been a big fan of cheap-to-make, useful crafts, so I've compiled a list of 10 awesome things to do with mason jars, Something Greek-style!

Reasons your little loves you mason jar #sorority #crafts #frat #diy

This is a little hard to see, but this glittery mason jar says "reasons your little loves you." You can make one that says "reasons your big loves you" and fill it with little pieces of paper with all the reasons your little is perfect.

Big/Little Sorority DATE ideas (when you don't see each other for a while and have some catching up to do).

Paint and glitter a mason jar for you and your little, and you'll get a gift for yourself too!

Theta inspired mason jar mug! dip Q-tips in acrylic paint to make the dots, then put the finished product in a cold oven for 30 mins. while it's preheating to 350 degrees (this seals the paint). substitute your own sorority colors for an easy and inexpensive craft :)

One of my favorite ways to decorate crafts has always been polka dots in my sorority's colors. Super easy, but super cute.

Mason Jar Manicure Kit #sorority

Another favorite activity of mine-- besides crafting, of course-- is painting my nails. Decorate a mason jar and stuff it with cotton balls, a nail file, nail polish, and remover.

DIY lilly mason jar #Sorority #Crafts

What's better than a Lily inspired printed mason jar? Beware, this one is for the advanced crafter!

Sorority gift jars

Tie on some ribbon in your colors and fill it with cookies or M&Ms in your colors for a sweet big/little treat.

Phi Mu Crafts - canvas & mason jar cup

I love the idea of making a hole in the top of the mason jar to make it a to-go cup!

We had a sisterhood where we decorated mason jars and wrote each other positive notes #MasonJars @Sorority Please

This monogrammed mason jar with lace, flowers, and pearls is so pretty! You could even use it as a jewelry box--err-- jar.

Simple Pi Phi Jar w/ Beautiful Arrow

This Pi Beta Phi mason jar is simple and cute. Just sub in your colors and symbol.

Lily print mason jar, great for any sorority sister!

Add a candlestick to give your Lily-inspired mason jar some height.

Do you have your own awesome mason jar creation? Send it to us on Facebook and maybe we'll feature it in a future blog post!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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